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Antelope Hills Christian Church
2075 280th Ave.
Canby, MN 56220
Email Address


Pastor Steve Maas

Spouse – Sharon Maas
18278 SD Hwy 22
Gary, SD 56237
Home Phone 605-272-5614
Cell Phone 605-881-9024
Questions or for information for Pastor Steve, email

Church Secretary
Renee Frazeur

Nathan Thorpe 507-277-5679
Jim Thorpe 605-272-5353
Darren Matthies 605-272-5454
Kent Goplen 507-223-7910
Delroy Thompson 507-223-5740

Church Treasurer
Ralph Peterson 507-223-5445

Dale Schoberg 507-223-7187
Greg Chappius 507-223-5826

Reed Frazeur 507-223-1517

Dale Peterson 320-769-4655
Jim Sayre 507-223-7013
Grant Goplen  507-828-2131
Loren Demmer 507-223-7224

Delroy Thompson 507-223-5740   Ralph Peterson 507-223-5445  Dale Schoberg 507-223-7187

2 thoughts on “Connect with us …

  1. Love your website!
    Curious what the plan for the original property is?
    Kim Beattie

    • Hi Kim,
      We are very unsure at this point except that the cemetery stays. There has been a number of votes on the parsonage but most likely that will be sold with an acreage to pay some of the cost of the new church. Right now we are in the middle of a fundraiser to try to get to around 1/2 the money needed to build. Thanks for your interest. Good to hear from you.

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