Building Project Update

We have reached our financial goal to begin building our new church, Lord willing in June. Thanks be to God! And Thanks to all, who have sacrificed and given over the last few years including those who helped as with the 20/20 Vision Project this spring. We welcome any donations to help us as there will always be extra expenses as we move forward with our building construction.

AHCC has reached our 20/20 Vision goal of raising the money to begin to pour concrete in June of 2020. The concrete will flow, and the building will begin to take shape in the next few months, Lord willing. We will still need donations as we move along. Donations can be mailed to Antelope Hills Christian Church, 2075 280th Avenue, Canby Minnesota 56220.

July Update -7/28/2020

A great deal of work has gone into our building project that is not really evident. Rocks have picked up, fill dirt has been brought in, packed and leveled, much of this by members of our congregation. Contractors have gotten a lot of work done. The water lines are in, the gas line is in, the footings and the foundation walls are in, the underground plumbing network of pipes are in, the electricity has been brought to building site and other things are done. In the weeks ahead, the concrete will go in, along with the in-floor heating pipes, electrical work and other items completed. Hopefully we will begin to see the actual construction of the building starting in the next month. Many thanks, to Kent for heading up our construction project and for bringing his equipment for various jobs.  Thanks to Stu and crew, Nathan, Ralph and Delroy for bringing their equipment as well. Thanks to Reed for keeping things on track, as the Chairman of the Building Committee. Thanks to all the people picking up rocks and working with shovels and rakes and a special thanks to the young people with their strong backs for helping with the packing of the fill.

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